What blogs have I done?

What blogs have I done?

This all started when I got the idea to start:


I created a WordPress blog and phpbb forum. I customized the themes and had fun. About 1 month later, I realized what I really needed to do and overhauled both the blog and the forum to make it more functional. I learned about SEO’ing, subscribing to all those web 2.0 tools, and adding cool and new things to the blog. Over the past year, I have created a full website with a self-serve feel where the users can get information. And if the user can’t find it, we point them to it.

ACDSee’s Blog

I then helped getting ACDSee’s blog up and running and customized it with plug-ins and SEO’ed it. The theme & customizing of the theme was done by ACDSee’s graphic designer.


This is the latest blog that went live. (Okay, not including this one.) Connie started blogging within 24 hours of it being installed. I told her to wait but she wouldn’t listen. (Since when does an older sister listen to a younger sister?) I scrambled to get the theme customized, statistics in place, SEO’ed and also worked out some host delay problem within a week. There is still a few more tweaks to do but for the most part it is complete. Well, until dear sister goes and breaks it and I get a panic email or call.

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  1. Connie Bensen


    My blog totally rocks! Heidi does a great job. She is very patient & easy to work with (even with her sister).

    And our site DigiScrapInfo.com is an amazing resource much loved by it’s users. We average 800 visitors today & they self serve. It’s awesome!

  2. petra a*k*a milo82


    These blogs all look great Heidi!! You’re so good at what you do!!
    I was wondering, do you only make blogs or sites too??
    I would love to start a photography site in the near future,
    with gallery, blog and info. I would love to hear if you can
    help me out with all of that :)

    Hugs, Petra

  3. Heidi


    Yes, I do more than blogs. I have done our whole digiscrapinfo which contains: WordPress blog, MoinMoin wiki (main content), phpMyFAQ (frequently asked questions), phpBB (forum), poMMo mailing management software. I also have hidden away on our site that we use but don’t publish: quick gallery and chat room.

    Installing a gallery wouldn’t be hard, just matter of picking one out. Petra, we can definitely work together and make something work.

  4. suzymiller


    Hi Heidi!

    Connie suggested I contact you. I wanted to ask about getting my font size a little larger on my wordpress blog without turning it all to spaghetti (which is what happened when I experimented!). But I accidentally improved the size simply by pasting in the google analytics code after the CSS code in the `body’ tag in the stylesheet (rather than pasting it onto each blog page)

    The trouble is, I can’t find any sign of the analytics code when I view source on the blog page, and I want to understand why my text is now a better size?!

    The answers to these two questions will not only give me much joy, but I can then blog about them in my next installment of bloggingforblondes (crediting your good self, of course!)

    Can you tell a blonde what she’s managed to do by mistake and how to do what she actually wanted to do (get analytics going) ?


    Suzy Miller

  5. Ina


    Hi Heidi! I happened across your blog through digiscrapinfo. I’m actually looking for someone to design a business website for me, and we’re hoping to have a blog included as part of it. Please send me an email if you do that, too, so we can discuss specifics. Also, I’m wondering if you do MovableType templates, or maybe I should move my entire blog and archives to WordPress and have you help me with that? Let me know!

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