The art of finding a wordpress theme

The art of finding a wordpress theme

I think finding a wordpress theme that you like and want to use is an art. Obviously, you could start designing a wordpress theme from scratch but this takes time, money or software skill.

What I do is first find out what the user likes. Some general things they want to do with their blog. In my sister’s case, she wanted white, simple, with red enhancements. She liked 3 columns too. And she went looking for themes. In the first theme she picked, we found out that we weren’t allowed to customize the footer. Obviously this is the author’s choice and we ended up changing themes because we did want to customize the footer. So here are some suggestions:

  1. I suggest to go blog hopping to see what catches your eye and write down a list of things you like. (kind of like blog shopping)
  2. Then go narrow down the themes based on your list, (main color scheme, number of columns, etc.) As I am narrowing down choices, I pay attention to:
    1. Number of downloads of theme
    2. User comments on theme (a lot of unhappy people is a bad sign, author commenting or suggesting is a really good sign)
    3. What version of wordpress the theme works on.
  3. Read the rules and limitations on the themes you narrowed down.
  4. Verify the blog theme looks good in IE and Firefox before you start. A well written theme should work in both.
  5. I do a quick browse through the code, looking to see if:
    1. is well written
    2. has comments (nice bonus)
  6. Lastly, load the theme and start playing with it a little. This is the ultimate test. Don’t be afraid to change themes either. The first theme I picked for, I realized that we could do better, so I changed the theme.

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  1. your sister


    I think choosing the theme is the hardest part. I found one, and then by the time we had started personalizing it I became attached & it was perfectly suiting me… then Heidi happened to look at it in IE. UGH! It would’ve needed some major programming effort & so we had to find a new style.

    But it worked out for the best because it turns out I needed 3 columns. I really love my blog that Heidi built for me. I love both of them actually! I just rec’d a compliment this morning on my blog & they’re going to contact you Heidi.
    Here’s what they said –
    “Your sister heidi has doen a great job on your blog setup i am impressed by the buttons to submit to Digg and”

    It’s great to have such a talented sister!

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