Building Responsive CMS Websites

Content management systems are software tools that helps you keep track of each and every piece of your content on the website. The content on your website can be anything like simple text, documents, photos, music, videos or any other thing you can think off. The best part of CMS is that it requires almost no technical knowledge or skill to manage and maintain it. Everything about your content is managed by CMS.
A responsive website means that the content shown will shrink/expand/appear/disappear depending on how big a device you are viewing the site on.  It makes your site mobile friendly as well as desktop usable without having to have separate websites for mobile & desktop.
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  Think of it as how the search engines and thus new users find your site.   CMS’s have tools that are built in or can be added to improve SEO so your site is found by potential clients.
  • As a business owner you can go in and control your own content.
  • Built in SEO for more clients finding your business website.
  • Connect your site to social networks and leverage Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Keep customers up to date with regular posting of news.
  • Display multimedia easily — photos, video can be easily added.
  • Training and Support.  I will provide the training and support you need to do all the above.


Heidi is a WordPress guru! She’s knowledgeable, talented and professional. She walked me thru so much of its functionality I couldn’t find elsewhere. I couldn’t have asked for a better freelancer!