What have I been working on lately?

What have I been working on lately?

Oh everything and anything.

I am close to rolling out a new customer blog. I am not going to post the link yet though since we are working with rolling domains and the new domain isn’t setup yet. This was my first experience of rolling a domain and it went pretty smoothly (the rolling part) but making it the main domain was a little more bumpy. Oh well, sometimes a bumpy road keeps you on your toes. This customer was so unlike my sister (who wants it yesterday) so I have been working on it periodically for the last month.

Since I last checked in:

http://tyandmari.com/ has been up and running for a while! It looks great. Mari does a lot of widgets and stuff and I did cleanup on the theme and tweaked some things.

http://whyfacebook.com/ is another blog of Mari’s that I am working on. The majority of the work here was getting the theme she liked widgetized so far. We’ll see what else we customize.

What else is going on?

  • I am answering dozens of questions coming through DigiScrapInfo and trying to maintain that site. Connie and I were just looking at the stats and are pretty amazed. Considering it is site that only has specialized information and sells nothing, we are seeing traffic of 250 people or so a day with a majority of them being new visitors.
  • I am also exploring more opportunities with the ACDSee Photo Manager tool. Once those details are in place, I’ll share some of that. It’s something I have always wanted to do but have never chose to do it.
  • And my husband and I are working on our basement. I have determined porcelain tile is one of the hardest materials you can build with. But I now have a whirlpool tub deck and backsplash completely tiled and grouted, all done by me! The tile floor is next but am waiting for bathroom walls to be put up.
  • And last but most important, taking care of the kids. For a majority it is the routine, school, homework, run them to things, volunteer at school, etc.
  • And a few days this last month, I even sat down and did a little bit of my hobby, digital scrapbooking.

That’s about it.

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