Podclass’s blog went live!

Podclass’s blog went live!

Podclass’s blog is up and running. I am very happy how this blog turned out. Gary (owner of Podclass) was great to work with. We chose a theme and customized it. We turned it into something that matched his website but not so similar that it seemed like part of the website. I would classify it as Clean, Simple and Elegant.

This was my first WordPress 2.5 blog that I did. I have to say that I really like the new admin interface behind the scenes. I think that letting the user know that there are new upgrades available is very nice. Although I have to say, I use Live Writer and once a blog is setup, I rarely go into the blog admin interface.

Have you looked at Podclass’s concept? “teach online classes, share information, collaborate, and learn from other experts” I just finished an online live class through another website and I am going to try out Podclass’s service for some mini-workshops that I want to do.

I also upgraded ConnieBensen.com to WordPress 2.5 last week. I knew Connie was on vacation and wouldn’t be blogging for a few days so I took the opportunity to upgrade her blog. She had been asking for a few changes for a while. So during the upgrade, I made those changes as well. She also didn’t know her blog was the guinea pig for the upgrades. (But that’s was sister’s are for.)

During an upgrade its a great time to clean house. I went through all the plug-ins and determined if they were being used. Got the new updated plug-ins and found some new plug-ins. Unfortunately not all plug-ins have been updated for WordPress 2.5 yet but I found different ones and some were determined to not be worthwhile. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to do anything to the theme. That was nice. We’ll see if the other themes on the other blogs I need to update are 2.5 friendly.

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