Joomla is cool!

Joomla is cool!

I started playing with Joomla, a content management system, and I am addicted.   I love learning new technology and this is so flexible and allows you to create a really nice looking site in a short while.  

I am currently working on redesigning DigiScrapInfo.   It originally was create piece-meal fashion.  At first we only need a blog and forum.  Then we needed this or that.  And it kind of just grew and grew.   Well, I am revisiting it and turning it into one cohesive site.  And enjoying the fun and challenge of it.    I am still working on graphics and filling in the content, but here’s a sneak peak…


I also helped a friend out and her site when live on June 1.   I helped behind the scenes to setup a Joomla website for her, (taught her Joomla management) and created this site for her.   DigitalScrappingStudio   Here’s a image of it:


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  1. Cathy Lamberth


    Heidi. I’m about to get started with Joomla, Where did you decide to host your sites. I’ve been looking at some but am curious what you decided.

    PS. Nice work!

  2. Heidi


    Hi Cathy,

    I initially chose GoDaddy. It had cheap inexpensive hosting packages and at the time that was what I was looking for. Now that my websites are supporting themselves, I wish I would have chose a different host. I don’t like GoDaddy because you only FTP access. I have worked on websites hosted by bluehost and I feel they are more up-to-date and have a better admin panel than GoDaddy. There are so many others. I investigated a couple of other hostings sites. Usually I go read in the hosts forum if users seem to be relatively happy — obviously you always have that unhappy few.


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