Time flies when you are having fun..

Time flies when you are having fun..

and my poor blog gets neglected..

Let’s see we have had summer vacations, being with family, just relaxing, working, and now school has started.  I am back to a schedule and getting a lot accomplished.

I seem to be working on a few projects and it takes all my working time to juggle them all.  Its fun though.  Each project has its own challenges.  That is what keeps me motivated. 

The cool thing I wanted to share is geocaching.  Our family just started geocaching this summer and its great fun.  Now, we head to a nearby park or farther park depending on the day and what we are doing and go treasure hunting.  We are visiting parks we would have never stopped at or even know about.   We have found 29 caches so far and hope to keep that number increasing.  Minnesota winters will slow us down though.  This is quite a hobby of combining internet, technology and hiking/walking all into one package.  To find out more: Geocaching

That’s about all!  

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