which CMS should I use?

which CMS should I use?

On the net you will find a multiple and lengthy discussions on picking a CMS tool for building websites.  After working with several CMS’s on multiple sites.  I have come to a few conclusions of my own.


I like choosing WordPress (although not a true CMS) for simple sites.  I like the fact that I can quickly create a small website in a matter of moments.  WordPress tools and plugins allow for non-technical editors to edit their pages.   Its provides tools that make sure your site get SEO’ed well.   I don’t recommend picking this tool for your website if you start wanting features – like extensive galleries, user only access, etc.  While there can be tools to provide one or more of these functions, you probably should be looking for a more comprehensive CMS for your site if you want many features.


Another great choice is Joomla.  Joomla has its pro’s & con’s.   Its going to take a few days to get your site configured with pages & menus to your liking. It provides a lot more tools to get the features you might need.  The problem I have with Joomla is lack of interaction between components you add.  You might want a gallery and a social media tool and these 2 components (unless designed for) probably won’t interact.   So my suggestion is pick Joomla if you want a website with more pages and one or two substantial features.


The last choice is Drupal.  Drupal comes with a learning curve but its well worth it in creating a site.   This is more building block approach to creating websites.  You can take this feature (project/module in Drupal) and combine it with others to create an unique website with feature rich functionality.   With that said building a Drupal site is going to take longer than WordPress or Joomla site but for a feature-rich website it is well worth it.


Of course, there are more CMS’s out there but that’s my 2 cents on choosing a CMS tool for your site.

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