Using Simple Facebook Connect

Using Simple Facebook Connect

I tried out the Simple Facebook Connect WordPress plugin  and am quite pleased with how it works and intregates your WordPress blog with Facebook. 

There are a few steps to get it setup to work correctly and I covered them here:

  1. Obviously, step 1 is to install the Simple Facebook Connect WordPress plugin on your wordpress installation.
  2. Setting up Simple Facebook Connect (Part 1 creating an app)

  3. Setting up Simple Facebook Connect (Part 2, giving the permission to post)

  4. You may have to change some things in your comments.php to allow the facebook login in comments to work correctly.  The plugin’s FAQ covers this quite well.

I am using it for the following functionalities and it is nice to have one plugin take care of it all for me:

  • Publisher functionality –> automatically posting Facebook messages to your Facebook Page Wall.
  • Comment functionality –> Comments on the above post, come back to your wordpress blog comments.
  • Users have ability to login with facebook and comment with their facebook acct.

3 Responses to “Using Simple Facebook Connect”

  1. Jason


    Hi Heidi,

    I’m getting “Page not found” error when attempting to send you a message via your “Contact Us” page. I can’t figure out how else to reach you. Can you please look into it?



  2. Heidi


    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for pointing that out to me. It is now fixed.

  3. sandraqu


    Thank you! Many headaches spent trying to figure out the app settings. This worked!

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