CMS’s and why they are good

CMS’s and why they are good

I probably don’t mention it specifically but if you browse my website, you will find that I specialize in building websites with CMS tools.   The three CMS’s that I specialize in is WordPress, Joomla  and Drupal.  

My goal is to give clients a website that is easy for them to edit the content and keep the web-content fresh and up-to-date.     I provide training tutorials (pdf or video) showing how to use their website on specific things, but a lot of it is super simple where you click to edit content in a small word-like editor (referred to as a wysiwyg editor) and then click save.    

Here is a recently released article with 10 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a CMS-Based Website that I thought was excellent and covers a lot of good points.

I would add a eleventh reason in using a CMS: it can easily tie in their social media presence that the business uses.     It can be as simple as putting on their Facebook link but I would suggest more.  For example, if you write a blog/news post in WordPress, then it can be auto-posted to your Facebook business page, then if people comment on on that Facebook post, the Facebook comments will be pulled back to your WordPress post a comment.   

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