Hosting Suggestions

Hosting Suggestions

After working with multiple hosting companies, I have to say these are my favorite’s.

Choice #1 if you want hosting only or also good if you want hosting and domain.  

Host Gator comes with 3 shared plans and domain registration is extra $15 a year.

  • Hatchling:  This is if you want one domain and you have no other domains (or want redirects)
  • Baby:  This is if you want to have additional domains pointing to your host. i.e. &
  • Business:   Plan on this one if you want to do e-commerce.

Other facts:

  • I don’t like that they bill the customer separately for hosting and domain.  This often confuses my clients.
  • You can get it cheaper if you want to pay for more than 1 year.
  • I monitor sites I manage and rarely see sites on hostgator not available.
  • Can easily move up to Virtual Private Server (VPS) if needed.

Will take all major credit cards and paypal.

Visit Hostgator

Choice #2 if you want hosting and domain registered. This is a good choice also if your domain is already purchased.

Blue Host comes with free domain and only has one plan for $6.95 per month so it will be about $84 per year for hosting and domain.

  • Bluehost is an easy choice since you don’t have different plans to choose from.
  • You can add on IP and SSL later on and the price is equivalent to Hostgator’s Business plan.

Will take all major credit cards and paypal.

Visit Blue Host Web Hosting

VPS servers

The one I like the best is Servint.

  1. I thought their customer service was great.
  2. Ease of setting up the VPS and managing the VPS is easy.


  • Godaddy for hosting.   (You can buy domains through Godaddy and that is fine.)  Godaddy’s hosting just has barriers that are hard to get around when working with CMS.  (Limitations of uploading a sql file, not a direct path to the hosting panel – not like a cpanel.)
  • Inmotion  Customer service is great but my monitoring tools told me my sites went down a lot.  In addition, the attack on their hosting servers in Sept 2011 didn’t help.
  • Dreamhost & Doteasy are also some others that performance of basic wordpress or drupal installs ran slowly.